Ginger Shots With Honey (Inji)- To fight Cold, Flu, Inflammation and To Strengthen Immunity

My mom says Ginger or Inji as we call it in my mother tongue Tamil, is a thaai marundhu or mother of all medicines. Ginger is used a lot in Indian cooking, especially among Tamil speaking Muslims who cannot imagine drinking tea without adding ginger to it. I would like to share the recipe of Ginger Juice or Ginger Shots, which is a very popular "medicine" among the Tamil speaking community. This juice is specially given in a very large quantity (almost a mug!) to mothers right after giving birth, since the combination of ginger and honey is believed to strengthen the nerves and also bring about "heat" to the body after the loss of a lot of blood and also for the pain relief. However, the method of preparation for new mothers is a bit different as a special herbal powder made of dried ginger is added to the mixture. Ginger has many health benefits and some of the known benefits are fighting cold and flu, aiding indigestion, etc. Ginger, with its strong anti inflammatory properties is also believed to fight ovarian cancer and diabetes.

I have memories of running around the house whenever my grandma makes this for me due to the strong taste of ginger. My mother keeps insisting that I make this juice every time I catch cold, but I've always thought that it is a very difficult process and would escape giving her some reasons. I made up my mind to try this time and it seemed successful.

Recipe- Ginger Shots/Inji 

Ginger-2 medium pieces
Honey- 4-5 tablespoons
Water- As required

Wash and peel the skin of the ginger

Cut them into small slices

Put them in a mixer/grinder adding some water little by little.

Strain the juice and leave it in a glass for at least an hour. This is a very important step.

After an hour, you will notice that there is a white residue at the bottom of the glass. Pour the juice to a different glass leaving out the residue. That white residue is considered toxic.
Add 4-5 tablespoons of honey to a saucepan. If you are giving it to your children, you can add more.
Turn on the heat and let the honey become a little frothy
Add the ginger extract and heat it up
Turn off the stove, transfer the contents and enjoy!

Some important points to bear in mind before drinking this juice:

It is a popular belief that natural remedies will not give any side effects. It is true and it doesn't really harm like the over the counter medicines. However, one may not get the desired outcome or might even experience some unpleasant effects due to wrong preparation or not taking proper precautions.
The juice will be highly concentrated and will have a very strong flavour of ginger. A couple of teaspoons will work wonders on your kids and give it to them in a teaspoon and not in a cup due to its strong taste. Ginger is believed to produce a lot of heat in your body so make sure you don't eat anything else that causes heat like chicken, crab, etc for dinner. Also, it is good to avoid taking this after a heavy meal. The best time to take this juice is before bed time. It is also important that you don't drink milk right after taking this juice.


  1. Hi

    I am new to your blog but liked it very much. Just quick Q I have heard and read that we should never heat honey because it becomes toxic and loses its benefits after being heated. In your above mentioned recipe you mentioned heating honey so just wanted to check with you...

    1. Thank you for your comments SR. Yes, I've heard it too, especially in Ayurvedha. I was also equally doubtful about heating honey. However, in Siddha, honey is mildly heated up just so thought it starts bubbling up before it is used in any medicine. Being someone from the Southern part of Tamil Nadu and also being used to Siddha medicines, I find it easier to stick with the principles of Siddha. You may use it without heating too.

    2. Thanks for your reply. I totally 200% agree about your opinion on chemicals and not good ingredients in so called modern and easy foods. I wish many more people can understand the risks. If it would have been in my control I would better stay with naturals .

      One more Q - even though we get organic milk in US it is still pasteurized and homogenized which kills all natural enzymes natural benefits because of very high heat and all the processing. What is your opinion and preference about that?

    3. I am really glad you at least get organic milk in the US. Yes pasteurization and homogenization kills the milk in reality, but if you compare that with the GMOs and hormones injected cow's milk, it might be a better option. We almost never get organic milk in the UAE. I am just buying the one which comes from a local dairy farm in Dubai but seriously considering switching to organic. Insha Allah. If you are able to find raw, unprocessed milk, nothing like it.

      Thank you so much for asking me this SR :) Nice to know you


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