What is common between a bottle of Jam, Shampoo and Baby Wipes?

A common ingredient used as a preservative in sodas, fruit juices, jams and also in cosmetics, Sodium Benzoate is used to increase the shelf life of the products. The FDA says it is okay to consume a small amount of Sodium Benzoate, but wait-how is it good for you when you consume a small amount of various different substances everyday? A small amount of azodicarbonamide in your bread, a small amount of carrageenan in your flavoured milk, a small amount of sodium benzoate in your jams and jellies, a small amount of MSG in almost everything and a large amount of HFCS is present in every processed food that you consume and it all adds up to the a big amount of toxins in your body!  Sodium Benzoate has been linked to various illnesses including cancer and ADHD in children. According to Health Wyze report, Sodium Benzoate, which is present in a synthetic form has the ability to destroy some parts of DNA! Can you believe it? Do you want to take so much risk in just taking a little bit of that colorful juice or a spoonful of jam?

So reading this also warrants that I kick out the wipes and shampoo from my shopping list as well (the shampoo was from a gift pack of baby products- the ones that you get from friends who visit your baby).

Read on: http://www.naturalnews.com/033726_sodium_benzoate_cancer.html


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