Why I don't give my child Pediasure

I am sure this will create quite a stir among many mothers. I hate the brand, their marketing skills and how they have been able to successfully brainwash mothers that Pediasure will fulfill all the nutritional requirements of children, especially picky eaters. Almost all of us are picky eaters and we have our likes and dislikes when it comes to food and children are no exception to that. A child who loves to eat something today might not even look at it the next day. As a toddler, my son would go on a hunger strike for many days together, yet stay active and healthy as usual. He is tall and lean and doesn't typically look like many kids on the block. He is also slightly underweight, which is not a thing of concern even according to the Ped. I always get this question at a family gathering: "why don't you give your son Pediasure?". They look at me like an illiterate when I tell them that Pediasure is junk and I don't want my child to consume a combination of chemicals, GMOs and unhealthy fat and sugar on a regular basis just for the sake of looking chubby and 'cute' and also because it is Pediatrician recommended! In my experience, a good doctor is the one who rightly diagnoses the illness and prescribes medicines only when needed. Finding such doctors these days is a big task and it is very important that we stay informed to keep our children away from drug overdose.

Pediasure Ingredients Taken from Abbott Website

To put it simply, here are the reasons why SHOULD NEVER give your child Pediasure:
  1. Products from Abbott Labs including infant formula like Similac and Pediasure have GMOs and the shareholders of the company rejected a proposal that seeks that the company removes GMOs from its infant formula. 
  2. Corn, soy, sugar and 'high oleic safflower oil' are the main ingredients, if you look at the labels. You will know why children put on weight when they are given Pediasure-that comes from the sugar and high oleic safflower oil. Such kind of oil has only recently been introduced from the factories only in the last century and I even happened to see a research report which concludes that high oleic safflower oil causes tumours in rats. 
  3. It has Carrageenan, we have discussed earlier about this and yet another reminder, it causes inflammation and might also cause cancer. Read this http://www.prevention.com/food/healthy-eating-tips/carrageenan-natural-ingredient-you-should-ban-your-diet
  4. There is a big list of chemical names that you will never understand. Will you give your child such chemicals wrapped in the name of medicine everyday? 
A glass of fresh cow's milk with honey or blanched almond powder will give you the child what is required for his/her health. Remember that any supplement will not replace the nutrition that your child will get from eating real food. It is very important that we stay informed and make careful choices when it comes to feeding our children. 


  1. Hi Faiza,

    Initially I was hesitant to give my kids Pediasure as well. I decided to go see a Pediatrician and was actually recommended Pediasure, hence I gave it a try. Fortunately it seemed to work very well on my daughter who was considered underweight. Her appetite was increased and she gained ideal weight.


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