Shopping for a cause!

It is this time of the year again where the roads are decorated with lights and malls are open beyond midnight to woo the shoppers splurge on clothes, shoes and gadgets. The four lettered word "SALE" triggers some nerve in our brain and we end up buying many things on an impulse, even though we don't need them at all! I am sure this eats up the little happiness that you thought of getting through the shopping therapy and here is the chance to come over it.

Ali, a little boy from Indian Academy school Dubai is suffering from leukemia and it would cost him over 2 million Dirhams for the treatment. A small group of committed sisters called Humble Hearts are organizing a Flea Bazaar for this cause and it would be great if we could contribute the things we don't use but are in good condition and also by attending this event. 

Event Details:

Date: Feb 1st and 2nd
Venue: Indian Academy School, Dubai

Please contribute and support for the sake of Allah! Your shopping therapy can turn beneficial for this little boy, insha Allah!


  1. Jazakallah khair sis :)

  2. Wa iyyakum sis. Subhanallah. May Allah swt reward you and your team immensely. May the little boy come out of his illness soon.. Insha Allah


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