Coconut Water!

Somehow, alhamdhulillah, I developed an aversion towards drinking store bought juice. The sugar overload leaves a very displeasing aftertaste and it makes me more thirsty. So I would always prefer drinking water to juice to quench my thirst and I don't encourage my son to drink them as well. And to make a point, I am talking about the bottled fruit juices here and not carbonated drinks. To me, they just don't seem as something edible when they clearly print they don't contain any fruit extracts and also a list of things that are just disastrous to human health like high fructose corn syrup, sodium benzoate, erythorbic acid, caramel colour and phosphoric acid! I really wonder what people think they are drinking! The habit of drinking these drinks along with a heavy meal has perpetrated into our lives so much that when you refuse, you almost create a buzz about this 'good' habit of yours!

But there are times when you really need to drink something other than water to keep you hydrated and awake. I do like fresh fruit juices but it tastes plain without adding sugar and I am also aware that juicing destroys many of the nutrients naturally present in the juice and it doesn't really make it healthy. So what is it that I enjoy drinking?

In India, you can't pass by a road without spotting a street vendor selling tender coconuts. They are cool and refreshing and you also get the bonus of eating some sweet coconut flesh after drinking the water. It is believed to have a cooling effect on your stomach and sick people are given them to drink for a quick recovery. I also remember seeing a movie clip where Jackie Chan would use coconut water as saline for someone who fainted. It is loaded with a lot of nutrients and you can read more about it here:

 The best part about UAE is that you get almost all the good things from India and tender coconut is no exception, thanks to the huge population of Keralites here. :) I get good quality ones from the supermarket next door for a very good price (at around 3-4 AED per piece) and they greatly helped me during the first trimester of my pregnancy. My son also enjoys drinking it and it gives me that feeling of a 'super momma' after making your child drink something that might not actually taste as good as some sugary drink. So next time you want to grab something when you are thirsty, don't give it a second thought before grabbing a coconut! You get good ones in most of the cafeterias in Dubai and Sharjah for a price of around 7 AED and may be for a lesser price at supermarkets. 


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