Look what I've found!

"Country Chicken Eggs"

The idea of purchasing eggs printed with expiry dates in large cartons was totally new to me until I came to the UAE. Sometimes I used to get a very weird, chemical like smell from eggs that I purchase from the supermarket nearby and complained to my husband. He was not very sure of the smell, but he confirmed that the egg doesn't really smell like an egg and it tasted awful. I checked the label only to see that they were imported from the USA and repacked here in the UAE. It was really surprising since no one would think looking at the pack that those eggs can come that far and there must have been some kind of a chemical treatment involved to keep them fresh. I started becoming wary of buying eggs and will mostly restrict myself to buying the local ones, though they are factory raised. There are many local poultry farms here like Golden Eggs, Al Ain Farms, etc which I trust and I would also buy the ones from Oman.

However back home in India, broiler chicken or the factory raised chicken eggs were never considered healthy and whenever possible, we used to buy those free range eggs or the 'country chicken' eggs which were packed with more nutrients. Young girls who attain puberty are encouraged to eat them raw early in the morning as it was believed to strengthen their back bones. It was also a part of the special diet planned for ladies recovering from delivery.

I never thought I would find such eggs here, but was quite surprised to see those little packs in the supermarket nearby. The color and the size of the eggs confirms it must be from the 'country' chickens and the label says it has been repacked in the UAE. So I am not sure if those chickens were raised here or in India, but whatever it is, I feel it is a better option. I am glad I found this and insha Allah, I will buy them whenever I find them in the store. 


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